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Don’t just learn science. Learn to think like a scientist.

Students sitting outside West Hall lawn

On our beautiful campus, there is no shortage of lush green spaces to study or enjoy nature (weather permitting of course!)

Follow your curiosity and transform the world through science.

The possibilities are endless with a science education. Explore the difference at Oregon State. Learn skills that are adaptable and will help you get your first job and transition to others as science expands and evolves, just as you do throughout your life.

You can explore the world’s most pressing issues through a broad curriculum—from chemistry, mathematics and physics to zoology, biology, microbiology, biochemistry and biophysics, molecular biology and biohealth science—and learn to analyze and discover ways to make the world more sustainable and healthier.

With a science education, you will acquire critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills so you can adapt to changing fields and emerging industries at the forefront of innovation.

Think of the next four years as a blank slate that you will fill with life-changing experiences marked by extraordinary challenges and growth.

Ready to transform the world?

Ready to get started?