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female student raising her hand in class

Students in a mathematics class taught by Mary Beisiegel, a recipient of the Mathematical Association of America's Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching.

One degree in science. Endless possibilities.

If you want to pursue scientific knowledge, discovery and acquire the professional skills to have an impactful career, then the College of Science is the right home for you. From health science majors to statistical modeling, we offer extraordinary academic breadth, diversity and experiential learning opportunities to help you experience, explore and experiment. Our undergraduates are driven, passionate and inspired to contribute towards scientific discovery, innovation and public service early in their academic careers.

With more than 150 courses in seven departments taught by outstanding faculty, our students receive a comprehensive and exceptional education that combines scientific knowledge with skills-based learning in the sciences and mathematics. Science students thrive in a supportive and vibrant educational environment and achieve academic goals that go beyond their expectations.

Pre-medicine at Oregon State

Our pre-medicine program is designed to prepare students for entry into medical school. The pre-medicine program at OSU provides extensive support services, outstanding advising, rigorous emphases within the science majors and extensive opportunities for laboratory, field and clinical training in the United States and abroad. Medical school applicants from the College of Science at Oregon State are admitted at a much higher rate than the national average — while the national average hovers around 35-40% every year, 65-70% of our applicants are admitted.

Helping science majors thrive at OSU

Tutoring centers

Enhance your academic success in science at OSU with our comprehensive tutoring services. Our five science tutoring centers provide dedicated support for undergraduates in math, statistics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and physics courses. Led by experienced student and faculty mentors, we offer convenient drop-in assistance and engaging workshops. These interactive and inclusive environments help you effectively learn and review your course materials while receiving guidance and study techniques. Studies have shown that students who make use of tutoring centers regularly gained more academically. This is especially true during students' first year of college. We'll give you the confidence you're looking for in science and math courses, empowering you to thrive in your academic journey.

Learning Assistants

Experience our innovative, pioneering approach to STEM education: Our dedicated peer Learning Assistants (LAs) lead dynamic classroom discussions and foster collaborative learning environments. Together with LAs, you'll break down complex material, apply active learning strategies and transform the way you understand your studies. This empowering resource will helps you enhance learning skills that are crucial for excelling in science and mathematics. Use this program to boost your engagement and comprehension in your courses.

By the numbers


A network of more than 250,000 OSU alumni


Awarded to students every year to conduct summer research in labs on campus and across the country.


Our medical school admittance rate (on average), well above the national average of 40%.


Goldwater scholars at Oregon State are science students

Meet our science students and recent alumni