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Graduate Programs

Enriched knowledge through interdisciplinary thinking

Elisar Barbar analyzing data with graduate students in lab

Biochemistry Professor Elisar Barbar with graduate students in her lab

Students in College of Science graduate programs pursue academics and research in an innovative learning environment where they are encouraged to be creative, independent and collaborative thinkers and doers. Our outstanding M.S. and Ph.D. programs in biology, biochemistry and biophysics, chemistry, microbiology, physics, statistics and mathematics are widely recognized for their acclaimed research faculty, their high-tech science labs, the pursuit of innovative collaboration between disciplines and cutting-edge professional development resources to prepare students for top positions in their fields.

We attract graduate students from all backgrounds and from around the United States and the world. We value cultural, intellectual and geographic diversity and are deeply committed to the values of inclusion, equity and social justice.

Graduate student support, research opportunities and training

OSU provides graduate students with many opportunities for funding to conduct research and to receive training. Graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of these resources which range from a highly effective Online Prep Course for NSF Graduate Research Funding Program, travel stipends and summer research programs to fellowships, awards and a graduate student space to call home and connect with fellow grad students.


Graduate Students


Students have won highly competitive National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships in the last three years.


University Distinguished Professors