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Student examining 3D printed metal structure

Physics undergraduate Ryan Tollefsen (left) examines samples of 3-D-printed metal structures during a tour of Nicholas X. Fang's lab, where he was an MIT Summer Scholar. Photo by Denis Paiste, MIT Materials Research Laboratory

Your career journey starts here.

The College of Science prepares students to tackle tough problems and transform the world through discovery, hard work and innovation. We do this by fostering creativity, hands-on learning and out-of-the-box problem-solving while offering students experiences that challenge and inspire their thinking.

With a science degree, the possibilities are endless.

Degrees in science prepare students for career success by providing relevant technical knowledge and building critical thinking, problem-solving, and strong written and oral communication skills. With so many career paths available, it can be challenging to choose! Thankfully, your major does not limit your career choices. While majors lean into areas of interest, they are flexible and allow you to be employed in a wide variety of areas.

A scientist dedicated to career advising

Rachel Palmer comes from a science background and works as a dedicated career advisor for college of science students. She is an invaluable resource to helping you talk through and achieve your career goals. She can help with everything from career exploration, finding career-relevant or exploratory experiences, to applying for jobs and professional schools.

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Find a career development opportunity you love

Our career development services prepare science students like you to identify areas of interest, prepare for and pursue experiences that will lead them to a fulfilling career and achievement of their life goals. In partnership with OSU's Career Development Center, we offer resources, guidance and professional training that will enhance your academic life, help you explore internships in your field of interest and pave the way to your post-graduation goals. As an OSU student you get free access to a tool called Focus2 where you can take a career assessment to explore careers, job outlooks and your working personality.

From your first to your last term, we will help you get the career training and develop the professional skills you need to be successful in your transition from college to your next steps – whatever they may be!

Learn about successful science alumni

Our alumni started out just like you. They looked at the world around them and were driven by a curiosity to understand how it all works. They saw something that could be better. They struggled to find their place and gain the experiences that would help them make an impact in the world.

Now they are working in meaningful jobs at NASA, the Ocean Exploration Trust, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, to name a few. Many others work in healthcare facilities, biotech, materials science, data science, education, media, business and more.

Did you know you can connect with alumni and find mentors in your field? OSU Connections serves as a platform for both alumni and current students to network and learn from each other.