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Scott Rennie standing in front of plaque.

Meet a Science Grad - Scott Rennie

By College of Science

The following interview is part of a series the College of Science conducted with some of our alumni. While their experiences and career paths vary widely, their passion for science and love for the College and OSU tie them together.

Scott Rennie

Major: Biology
Additional Education: J.D., Willamette University College of Law (’14)
Occupation: Attorney, Schmidt & Yee, PC

Why did you choose to study at OSU?

I was fond of Corvallis, had friends attending with me, and I knew that OSU had an excellent reputation for science.

What led you to choose your major and career path?

I worked in academic genetics research for four years and transitioned to law after some experience with patents.

How did the College of Science prepare you for your future career?

My coursework in biology provided strong grounding in strictly applying facts and data to problems in search of answers. In science, you very quickly learn how to ignore noise or unsupported theories, which has helped my legal career.

Describe your career? How are you making a difference?

I enjoy my career because I work with a diverse set of clients that have a myriad of different legal issues; nothing is ever exactly the same and certainly never dull.

What might people be surprised to learn about your profession?

Lawyers aren't as mean as they make us look on TV.

How were you involved in the OSU community?

I focused primarily on school, OSU athletics and my social circle. In retrospect, I regret not joining a club or pursuing undergraduate research.

Was there a particular professor or advisor who made an impact on your undergraduate career?

Bob Mason (Integrative Biology), Kevin Ahern (Biochemistry & Biophysics), Indira Rajigapol (Biochemistry & Biophysics). Each in their own way inspired me within the classroom and empowered me to translate academic successes to success in other areas outside of the classroom and my areas of study.

What did you do for fun to de-stress from schoolwork?

I spent time with friends, enjoyed the city and outdoor activities.

If you could give a future College of Science student advice, what would it be?

Do all the clubs, intramural sports or other extracurricular activities you want, but at least one should be focused on professional development, and another should be something that makes you slightly uncomfortable or you would never otherwise try.