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ONAMI Graduate Internships

Determine if a startup is right for you

ONAMI Graduate Internships

Determine if a startup is right for you

ONAMI Graduate Internships in Startups Program

ONAMI funds internships for qualified graduate students or recent graduates at ONAMI portfolio companies for a period of six to nine months. This provides students an excellent opportunity to determine if the startup environment is a good fit for them as a career option. Both students and the participating companies have found the internship experience to be extremely mutually beneficial.

How it works

When a match is found (this is determined by the student and company), ONAMI enters into an agreement with the company, and the student becomes a company employee or contractor. ONAMI funds the internship at the rate of $25/hour, which is paid to the company. The company pays the intern a salary of at least $25/hour and provides the student with supervision, training, materials and mentorship. Companies may sometimes provide additional compensation or benefits.

Students must provide brief (non-confidential) monthly reports and XX, as well as a mid-point review by both company and student will determine if the internship will proceed. At that point, ONAMI will fund the remainder of the internship.


ONAMI Graduate Internships are open to graduate students who are currently working with ONAMI Member Researchers, or who have completed their MS or PhD within the last year. The position descriptions for all of the internships are attached below.

Apply today

Students interested in an ONAMI Graduate Internships can contact Cindy L. Dahl, PE, the Vice President of Operations for ONAMI, via email,, or phone at 541-713-1327.

To apply, students should send their resume and cover letter to:

Students must copy Cindy Dahl ( on all email applications and submissions.

Intern position descriptions